Is Renting Your House A Big Headache for You in Mumbai?

While living in Mumbai, many people choose to invest in property, which is an intelligent move as property rates in metros are sky-high. Those of you who have more than one apartment in Mumbai and are unable to take care of them can look for tenants to give it on rent. This way, you’ll have an extra source of income and you can rest assured that your house is being taken care of.

Though giving your house on rent in Mumbai without brokerage seems fancy, it is not as easy as it seems. A city like Mumbai attracts people from all over the country and from all walks of life. So selecting prospective tenants can be tricky, as you do not wish to land in soup by giving your house on rent to someone who misuses the place and turns your well-furnished home into a mess.

If you have a house waiting for someone to make it a home and you wish to rent it, you can try putting up to-let signs and giving ads in the newspapers. But in this case you’ll have to do a thorough background check of all the applicants, all by yourself, which can be tiring and confusing as hell. But if you wish to stay away from this confusion, you can get yourself listed on NestAway and relax.

NestaAway, a very popular house renting site also calls for landlords to list their apartments, houses and rooms for rent if they wish to have tenants in the spare space. All you need to do, as a landlord, before signing up for renting your home, is to clear all your utility dues before registering. Once the dues are settled, you can list your house on NestAway and select a date for meeting with the company executives to take a look at the property you’ve listed. Once the property is verified and approved, the deal is struck.

The advantages of listing your apartment on rent via NestAway are many. Firstly, you do not have to do that thorough background check, as the company assigns the task to its team and they look into the identification, bank and income details before renting out the house. The legal contract with all the terms and conditions is also processed by the company itself.

Secondly, they also do a move-in and move-out assessment to ensure that the home is livable when the tenant moves in and he/she also leaves the house in the same condition, without damaging the property when they go. Apart from these major advantages, you’ll also get your rent for that 1bhk on rent in Mumbai before the 5th of the month, irrespective of whether the client has given that month’s rent or not.

The deal is pretty profitable and if you wish to rent a home without going through the hassle, you should list your spare flats with NestAway, to make profit minus the pain.