Three Killer Ways to Decorate for Luxury

If you are like many of us, you spend a certain amount of time looking at all those beautiful glossy magazines depicting the most beautiful homes. These luxury mansions are filled with expensive and precious things we would never dream of having, but they also have a secret. Many of these luxury homes are not as expensive as they look.

You too can achieve that look of wealth and beauty in your own home, if you just follow a few tips we are happy to share with you right here. Looking wealthy is less about spending money and more about knowing where to spend it. If you want to have your home look like it belongs in one of those glamour magazines, just follow these three easy but killer ideas for decorating with style.

 Say it with Color

Nothing quite says style and confidence like having a bold color in a room. This is especially true when it is the living room, the most public room in your home. The color can be reflected in simple things such as haunting the thrift stores for interesting cushions in shades of the statement color you want for the room. Paint, of course, is always a good choice, especially when it is done boldly.

Choosing a color wisely, one that reflects how you feel about the room and how you want others to feel as well means taking the time to reflect on your options. This might be what makes bright yellow such a popular color for kitchens, a color to reflect sunny mornings and one that wakes you up. Blue on the other hand is frequently seen in the bedroom because of its calming factor. Color, and how you use it, can make a room look striking, bold or comfortable. It is really up to you.

The Little Things Count

While big bold statements with color can have a huge impact, so can small changes in quiet ways. Many homes today have home offices, and how these are approached can make a difference between an ordinary looking home office and one that has character.

Instead of putting in an Ikea desk, why not shop around for one of the old wooden teacher’s desks at old school supply stores? A bit of milk paint on the surface, a change out of the drawer hardware and you will have a desk with character and lots of space for papers, laptops and piles of books for research.

What you will not have is a boring ordinary office. Kitchens can be changed up with new light fixtures, contrasting color drawer handles or even funky new tiles for the floor. But always keep in mind that the small touches, the old mirror in the hallway or vintage toothbrush holders in the bathroom have impact too.

Make it Personal

Finally, while looking at magazines for inspiration is all fine and good, don’t forget to add the personal touches when planning that makeover for your home. A collection of family photos on the wall, your high school diploma proudly framed in the office or the dolls you grew up with on the top shelf of your bookshelf have value. Make them, and the things important to you, the center of your design ideas and the rest will follow naturally.